Visitor Restrictions

We are here to assure your safety and well-being while in our facilities. To learn more about our safety measures or if you have questions about COVID-19, call 833-582-1974.

Current Visitor Restrictions Across Mission Health

Community levels of COVID-19 are low throughout Western North Carolina and community transmission levels are decreasing. In addition, we are encouraged to see that admissions to Mission Health facilities from complications of COVID-19 are declining.

As an organization, while we acclimate to this new norm, we turn our focus to the evolution of the next phase of source control. Based on an evidenced-based approach, Mission Health will move forward with reducing universal masking in our facilities.

The following provisions will be in place for the protection of our patients, colleagues, and visitors:

  • Continue to follow the current COVID-19+ or PUI protocol for staff
  • Patients and visitors with respiratory symptoms are encouraged to mask while in our facilities
  • Team members should ask patients if they prefer a mask be worn during care activities
  • If a patient or visitor requests a member of our health care team to put on a mask while providing care, that team member should put on a mask
  • Masks must still be worn around vulnerable populations (immunocompromised)
  • Team members may still mask if they choose to do so
  • Team members must still follow masking protocol tied to our Flu Vaccination Policies
  • Proper masking and PPE must still be worn when providing care to COVID-19+ patients and PUIs
  • Masks will remain available at entrances for those who wish to wear one within our facility
  • If community and case levels show evidence of increasing, source control and masking guidelines will be heightened
  • We encourage everyone to remain up-to-date with all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses

Effective immediately, all Mission Health hospitals have reviewed and updated visitor restrictions. As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to decrease, we are now at a Level I visitation policy. This means two (2) healthy visitors are allowed per inpatient during the regular visitor hours of 6am-8pm and one (1) guest may remain overnight.

Effective April 26, 2023, sibling visitation without an age limit will be permitted for the following units:

  • Pediatrics
  • Mother Baby
  • Maternal Fetal Unit

Please note that siblings are approved for visitation with the following guidelines:

  1. All sibling visitors must be free from signs and symptoms of illness.
  2. The sibling visitor must be accompanied at all times by their parent or designee
  3. No overnight sibling visitation is allowed.

Due to the limited space in some of our physician practice waiting rooms and to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors in our practices and clinics may still be limited. All visitors two years of age and older must be masked throughout the entire visit. Visitors should review symptoms of COVID-19 and be able to attest to screening negative.

Mission Health uses established protocols to care for patients with infectious diseases and follows CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 cases, including isolating the patients and taking steps to ensure the safety of our patients, employees and visitors. As a precaution, only one (1) visitor will still be allowed for COVID-19-positive patients or with patients awaiting a COVID-19 test result. Proper PPE will be required for all visitors.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please note that electronic devices are available upon request to assist with virtual visitation.

In the meantime, we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you feel more connected to your loved ones while you’re with us.

Curbside Check-In

At Mission Health, we continue to look for innovative ways to keep our patients safe. Some locations now offering Curbside Check-in to make your experience better.

Entrance information for Mission Hospital:

To further protect our patients and colleagues, the hospital will also restrict and monitor the entrances for Mission Hospital. The new entrances will be:

  • Entrance 1: Emergency Department – open 24/7 to patients only
  • Entrance 2: For surgery and procedural patients – open Monday – Friday, 4:30am – 5pm
  • Entrance 4: Open 7 days a week, for patients 6am – 8 pm; for visitors 9am – 8pm
  • Entrance 9: Labor and Delivery – accessible 24/7, for expecting mothers only with one significant other and a trained doula, if requested.
  • Entrance 10: For cardiac and vascular patients – open Monday – Friday, 5am – 5pm
  • St. Joseph Main Entrance – open to visitors 8am – 8pm