Progress toward goal


2013 Annual Report


Mission Clinics International seeks to heal body and soul in Christ.



  1.  40 baptisms over the course of the year, including those during the four community events.
  2. Ongoing work of the Higueronal congregation, with meetings on Sundays and Thursdays and average Sunday attendance approximately 50.
  3. Employed Angel Gaitan and his wife Rosa as associate minister for five months.
  4. Church teen group organizes community soccer tournament and movie night and benevolence activities.
  5. Church ladies group organizes sewing and crafts activities.
  6. Congregation begins evangelism ministry to travel house to house in the community to perform Bible studies.
  7. Combined worship with Santa Fe congregation in Darien province and later with Tocumen congregation near Panama City.
  8. Congregation plans and implements four community events throughout the year.
  9. Holds vigil to pray for upcoming activities and also teaches on marriage.
  10. Manages church farm in back of project property.
  11. Hosted Mother's Day celebration and later Children’s Day celebration for church mothers and children.

Community Involvement

  1.  Nonprofit organization Great Steps Board of Nutrition in Panama, together with the Panama National Border Service, holds celebration event at the project site for children helped by their program.
  2. Local school holds graduation ceremony at project site.
  3. Four community events conducted during the year with evangelism focus:

Teen event

  • March 29-30, 2013
  • Two-day retreat held at a retreat center located in the mountains near Panama City
  • 86 teenagers from the area participated
  • 20 teenagers baptized
  • Three preachers from Panama City churches helped to lead the retreat
  • Logistics managed nearly entirely by members of the Higueronal church
  • Higueronal church contributes $300 toward expenses of the trip, with combination of special contribution and money from church funds
  • Several of those baptized as well as other teens from the retreat attended the Higueronal church the Sunday after the event
  • A group of approximately 20 teenagers in the Higueronal congregation met on the Sunday after the event to organize a teen group to evangelize community teenagers on an ongoing basis. First events planned: Christian movie night at the project site, ongoing soccer league at the project site

Women’s event

  •  May 31-June 1, 2013
  • Two-day event held at the clinic project site in Higueronal
  • Event designed and implemented nearly entirely by Higueronal church
  • The program consisted of lessons, singing, discussion and Bible study and activities. The activities were structured in four stations – cooking class station, beauty salon station, crafts station and sewing station. The main speaker came from Ecuador for the event.
  • 87 women from the community participated
  • 14 baptized - 13 women and one young man
  • Several of the women who participated in the event attended the Higueronal church the following Sunday
  • The Higueronal church plans to conduct ongoing activities to include the women who expressed interest during the event

Couples event

  •  September 6-7, 2013
  • One day marriage seminar, attended by nearly all couples
  • Civil marriage ceremony held in the morning and religious marriage ceremony held in the evening the next day
  • Total couples married: 55
  • Couples married in the religious ceremony: 11
  • Baptisms: 3, one the week prior in anticipation of the event
  • The Higueronal church prepared for weeks in advance of the ceremony, both in the planning and in the decorations. Many of the decorations they made by hand.
  • All couples received gifts made for them by women from the Royal Oak church of Christ in Michigan.
  • All couples married in the religious ceremony received a gift Bible.

Children’s event

  • December 20, 2013
  • Nearly 500 persons in attendance, approximately 350 of which were children
  • Higueronal church designed, decorated for, advertised for, organized and implemented the event
  • Children took part in activities, attended classes to learn of gospel salvation, enjoyed a puppet show and entertainment show including balloons and face painting and received Christmas gifts
  • 2 adults baptized the Sunday after the event


  • Construction completed: Front wall and associated rooms, external flooring, augmented electric system, electric house, tower roof drainage system, exterior ceiling and windows, front main entry doors and glass, future administrative office remodeled, temporary kitchen, internal and external bathrooms remodeled, wired Internet, doors to side porch and internal clinic hallway, base paint internally and externally, site groundwork to decrease mud on-site, finish stones for building towers acquired


  1. Jason Moore, M.D., President
  2. Tom Hebel, Secretary
  3. Ron Hayostek, Treasurer
  4. Greg Dahl, Director
  5. Russ Weipert, Director
  6. Richard Winski, Director

FINANCIAL INFORMATION (%change from previous year)

Total Income - 453,030 (-10%)

Total Expenses - 276,561 (+27%)

Program - 193,504, 70% of total expenses

            Management and General - 36,880, 13% of total expenses

            Fundraising - 46,177, 17% of total expenses

 Capital improvements - 235,139 (-43%)

 Total Net Assets - 1,038,550 (+21%)