Progress toward goal


2011 Annual Report


Mission Clinics International seeks to heal body and soul in Christ.



  1. 16 baptisms over the course of the year, all during the annual Mission Trip
  2. Ongoing work of the Higueronal congregation, with meetings on Sundays and Wednesdays and average Sunday attendance approximately 50
  3. Distributed multiple Joy Boxes to children in the church congregation at Christmas time
  4. Planned and hosted combined worship service for multiple congregations in East Panama
  5. Hosted Mother's Day celebration formothersHosted church New Year's Eve celebration
  6. Hosted church New Year's Eve celebration

Community Involvement

  1. Repaired road in the community damaged by flooding
  2. Hosted Youth in Action program for community youth, organized by youth from the community themselves, with an attendance of approximately 150 youths from the area
  3. Purchased MCI bus, custom painted with logo, and provided daily transportation for community school children to and from the public school; also provided transportation to special community events and to church services
  4. Began MCI trade school on the project site that provided general education as well as training in tourism


  1. Website renovation completed and made live
  2. Conducted Creation Seminar as live stream event, advertised with highway billboards to the community
  3. Completed David and Goliath Bible illustration movie
  4. Three full-color newsletter issues and one full-color postcard distributed to complete mailing list during the year


  1. Hire full-time groundskeeper and bus driver
  2. MCI Panama office additions: multifunction printer, Internet service with wireless access covering a large portion of the project site, multiple desktop computers installed for use by community and by office staff
  3. Construction: completed permanent construction of the first two clinic rooms of the Multi-Use building and installed x-ray equipment and dental equipment; installed augmented electrical supply system to Multi-Use building; constructed mobile walls to create classrooms for the MCI school; completed the site kitchen hut; constructed office building and bathroom building roof extensions; constructed walls to children's building; buried site electric wires; added gravel to improve site drainage
  4. Completed project site back property landscaping study
  5. Completed fish farming feasibility study as potential for future operations income
  6. Completed first formal MCI Accounting Review
  7. Obtained seal of approval from Better Business Bureau as accredited charity

Mission Trip

  1. Dates: July 21-31, 2011
  2. Sites visited, two working days each: Cañita, Unión de Azuero, San Blas Island
  3. For the first time, the work group consisted primarily of Panamanians, with a total work group number of approximately 50 people
  4. Results, over six working days:
    • 16 baptisms, multiple personal Bible studies
    • ~1050 medical patients attended
    • Dental patients attended daily with primarily extractions
    • Children ministered to daily, with thousands reached over the six working days
    • 622 boxes of clothing distributed total, with a portion left with the Higueronal church for distribution throughout the year
    • 540 pairs of eyeglasses distributed
    • Vaccinations administered by the Panama Ministry of staff nearly daily with our group


1. Jason Moore, M.D. President
2. Tom Hebel Secretary
3. Ron Hayostek Treasurer
4. Mike Prager Director
5. Russ Weipert Director
6. Richard Winski Director

FINANCIAL INFORMATION (%change from previous year)

Total Income:  469,490 (+130%)

Total Expenses: 293,048 (+70%)

Program: 219,419, 75% of total expenses

Management and General: 51,975, 18% of total expenses

Fundraising: 21,654, 7% of total expenses

Total Net Assets: 575,423(+48%)